Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On The Shoulders.....

live in the NYC metro area and one of the fondest memories that I have growing up here is a trip to Central Park one July afternoon.
Spending the day in Central Park is like being at a carnival -- there are many colorful things to do, see, experience....it can be magic for a seven year old.
I remember walking with my father through the park one Sunday in July and listening to music in the distance....music is a staple of Central Park (many performers use the more than 800 acres as their personal stage). We decided to go an check out where the great drum beats and clapping were coming from. It was an easy task to accomplish because we soon saw the huge crowd that was encircling the performers. As we got closer, the music became louder and my excitement rose with each beat....but as we got closer, everyone got much taller and to the seven year old -- excitement was quickly turning to frustration.
From my perspective (legs and clapping hands) I could only hear the music and see the spectators' faces.....nothing, but smiles and cheers. I was becoming upset because I could not participate (experience) the joy they were obviously enjoying -- that's when my father (a 6'2 giant) picked me up and put me on his shoulders.
Now -- I could not only see where the great music was coming from, but I had a much better perspective of the event and the people elated by the performance -- than anyone else there....definately the best seat in the house!
If I have had any success in my career (educational, professional), it has been because so many generous people were willing to put me on their shoulders and help me reach higher and see farther than I ever could alone. I know I'm not alone - I'm sure everyone has a "on the shoulders" story -- that's why it is so important to do the same for young people.
Please consider becoming a volunteer with ASPIRA: http://www.aspira.org/
I have been a volunteer for about 5 years.
If not ASPIRA -- I hope that you will consider volunteering with another youth group. Hispanic youth (especially Hispanic youth) need strong role models to help them realize --- there are strong shoulders available to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu

Telemundo 47 is doing a great job of not only covering the news of the day (what's happening now) with the swine flu, but also "added value" stories that provide viewers with educational information on how to protect themselves and understand this an historic event....we are even going to host a live telephone help line to provide more of that educational content.
What else cn we do? What stories in relation to the swine flu are not being presented or discussed?